Friday, December 4, 2015

A Little Of This and That

Wow ! I can hardly believe it is December already and Christmas will soon be upon us.  In the midst of all the things that need to be done , I look forward to my quiet time each day to thank the Lord for all He has done as I prepare to celebrate My Saviors birth.

Well , I said a little of this and that so a huge Thank You goes out to Nanette Hance of Artisans' Loft for hosting a fabulous reception on November 7. We had a wonderful evening and I was thrilled to share my love for sketching and painting with all those I met. It was fun reuniting with old friends and making new ones as well as uniting a few paintings with their new owners.

I have finally put some of my new work and ink/watercolor sketches onto my website . You can check that out here

Here is a preview of a few.

And finally as we start to look ahead to 2016 and plan our schedules  here are a few things that might interest you. 

Steve Hall   NYC  Plein Air Watercolor Workshop  June 6-10 2016  
Steve is a wonderful painter from the UK. I have had the pleasure of taking three  courses from him. He will be coming to NYC to teach in June so if any of you are interested in signing up please contact me for additional information.

I will be having a show with fellow artist  Barbara Aras in July . It will be in Tenants Harbor Maine , more information will follow as time gets closer.

I also hope to teach a few workshops in  2016 so I will be keeping you posted about those as well.   
Bye for now and I hope your day is full of joy as you take time to slow down and look at the world around you and as always practice, practice practice....

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