Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Joy of Watercolor Sketching NYC

                                  The Joy of Watercolor Workshop NYC   
                                                      June 6-8 , 2016      9:30-4 pm  

     I would love to have you join me if you happen to be in the NYC area. I am excited to teach and hopefully inspire others to give watercolor sketching a try . I will give you simple  instruction , using a minimal supplies to get you started in this new adventure and help you simplify the business of the city during the way. I will do demos and give personal instruction to help you on your own art journey . Please contact me for further information or check my website
  I hope you have  been painting and sketching as much as you can . I am finding I am doing more and more with my timer  and 30-45 minute windows  as life has been busy. It is amazing how much you can accomplish by weeks end. My sketchbook has become  my best friend during these busy days and during my travels and I am getting used to being watched while sketching on the bus but thrilled I am taking advantage of that smidgeon of time God had provided .
  In other news I am busy getting ready for a show in Tenants Harbor , Maine July 15 -16 if you are in the neighborhood please stop by.

Remember this sketch from my last post . It has found a new home .  I hope you enjoy this beautiful day the Lord has made and you are learning to take advantage of the short periods of free time you have to sketch or paint. Talk soon.