Monday, November 2, 2015

UK, Italy, Singapore , Painting , Sketching and Meet the Artist Reception in Pultneyville ,N.Y.

Hi there, no, I have not forgotten you and hope you have been busy practicing, sketching and painting in my absence from technology over numerous weeks.

Last things first . Meet The Artist  Event in Pultneyville , N.Y.  This Saturday November 7th   4-6 pm. If you are in the Rochester, Pultneyville area please stop by as I would love to see you.

    So What have I been up to since teaching a class in Litchfield , CT ?
Traveling , painting and sketching of course. I was blessed to be able to attend a plein air watercolor course given by Steve Hall in Norfolk , U.K. What a beautiful part of the world to paint in. Steve will be teaching a course in NYC June 6-10  2016 . Click here to visit his website  Steve Hall  I will share more information on that in another post but if you think you might be interested please let me know.
     From England we went to Lucca , Italy and I painted and sketched my little heart out on my own. How grateful I am to The Lord for giving me this passion which I hope to pass on to you.
     Then off to Singapore , a very diverse weather change and packing challenge to say the least. I met up with many Urban Sketchers and fellow Watercolor painters  . We had a wonderful time sketching and painting . I will try to post some of what I did in another post but you can see a few sketches at my Facebook Art page
      Now I am trying to re enter the real world , I must admit after filling 4 sketchbooks  and painting many watercolor sheets I am as passionate as ever and grateful for the opportunity God has given me to fulfill this passion.
      Getting ready to pack for Pultneyville  now , see you there or here next time  . Enjoy this beautiful day we have been given.

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