Tuesday, November 13, 2018

You still have plenty of time to create your own cards and calendars for gifts.

              Just a little encouragement for you , it is not too late to make your own cards and calendars to use for gifts .
               Thanksgiving is not even here yet and I can already see the stores are getting geared up and ready, and one even having Black Friday sales .Whats up with that ? The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is even being lit a week earlier this year . What ?
              I love Thanksgiving and we all have so much to be thankful for, so for one I am slowing down and trying to Be Still for a time each day and reflect on the meaning of both Thanksgiving and Christmas before doing all the day to day things that need to be done before our celebrations .

I do want to share some encouragement for those of you who have artwork and want to make gifts for Christmas this year , you  still have plenty of time . Here is what you need good photos of your artwork . You need a minimum  of 13 pics for a calendar but of course the more you can choose from the more fun it is . You can make your own calendars , cards and so much more today with sites like Moo.com , Shutterfly , Cafe Press and Zazzle.  Here are a few pics to get some ideas.

This is a wonderful desk calendar I ordered for this year from Shutterfly that comes with a cute little wooden easel .

Here is my traditional desk calendar that I also make from Shutterfly ( no Shutterfly has no idea I am recommending them . I am just passing along products I love.

I have also made lots of note cards from Shutterfly to use through out the year . Here are some I made from Moo.com . They are a smaller size that the ones I make from Shutterfly but I do love them .

I do hope you will go through your own art work and make some of your own gifts this year . You still have plenty of time and if you don't have art work ready for this year start in January and by next Fall you will be ready to go .
      I have spent my morning with The Lord and now I am headed to my easel . You have a wonderful day and I will talk with you again soon. Of course if I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

News for November and posted Tenants Harbor Workshop for 2019

Hi , here we are in November already, time is flying by as I continue to travel, teach, paint and fill sketchbooks. You all remember " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side" right ? Lol!
  I just posted my Tenants Harbor Workshop 2019 on my website Dianegklock.com We have had a blast the last two years in this class and would love to have you join us.

I have been spending a lot of my time studying values,  everyones favorite thing , right ? Lol ! and doing a divided 1/4 sheet during my practice time before attempting a full 1/4 sheet painting to get my juices flowing.

I got hooked on doing these during a recent workshop, Who knew I would develop a love for Windsor Newton Paynes Gray. Those who know me know I never liked that color before but it is fabulous for value sketches along with Holbein TitaniumWhite or gouache.

Here are a few of my sample quick studies to get warmed up . I don't spend more than an hour of the whole sheet and work on them all at the same time , letting things dry and moving on to the next.
Remember to set your timer .   Till next time " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side and keep practicing as practice will improve your work .

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Time Flies and now it is October

Wow ! Where did all the time go. I had a busy summer traveling , painting and teaching . making new friends and getting re in touch with old ones. It was all good busy and I loved every minute of it .

I am heading to CT in october to drop off this painting which was accepted into this years Northeast Watercolor Society 's International Show . It will be on display at The Kent Art Association located in Kent , CT.  October 14-October 28 If you are nearby please stop by .

What have I done this summer besides spending time with my family, practiced and sketched, taught in Litchfield CT, Old Forge NewYork and Tenants Harbor , Maine . Here are a few pics.

and here is a hard working class from Old Forge

finished off my summer teaching at my studio the end of August .

 Now I am off to an intensive week long workshop this week here in NYC ( actually I just finished Gary Tucker's workshop as I post this, great class, I  will need a few more days to re group  ) Chat soon but did want to let everyone know Barbara and I will once again teach a workshop in Tenants Harbor , Maine 
          July 23,24,25 2019    We would love to have you attend . A $100 deposit will hold your spot till April 1, 2019. Please contact me if interested . I will have information on my website soon. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Tenants Harbor , Maine Workshop 2018

Hi ,
   Long time  since I last posted , I took some well needed away time from technology and have been busy traveling , teaching and practicing .
   I am currently getting geared up for my Tenants Harbor , Maine workshop July 24-26 and will be grateful to get away from the city heat and become a country mouse for a while .

Here are a few page from my sketchbook from last years visit to Maine . A wonderful place to take in the beauty God has provided.

  I am looking forward to inspiring and encouraging those who are attending  . Next teaching stop Old Forge, New York on August 6-7.

If I can help you in anyway on your now art journey , please don't hesitate to ask. Till next time " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side "

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Back from Hawaii and getting geared up for Maine Workshop

Hi all , Left in the snow and returned in the snow. Lol !
   Our growth as an artist is an adventurous hard working process and we will  never quite get there this side of heaven . We all need time to rest, play with our paint, let our minds wander, try new approaches , get out of our comfort zones , take a class . I have done  all of the above recently and am refreshed and recharged. I left here....

         and went  there
                                     carrying my easel,  paint , brushes and my sketchbooks .

             It is fun and necessary to carve time to refresh , even if you go to a coffee shop and sketch.
                 Ok , well this was a fish market we had lunch in sort of like a coffee shop .
 Make an artist date today with yourself or with a friend to grab your gear either painting or sketching and go for it. You will be glad you did.

  I have a few spots left in my Maine Workshop July 24-26, 2018   Please check my website for more information .  I will be teaching 2 workshops in Old Forge, New York in August . More information soon.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Wow ! Did this year fly by or what ? I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for your kind words of encouragement to me . I know some of you now have your own websites, have entered into shows , are showing your work , making your own cards and sketching as well . It warms my heart to know I  may have helped you all a titch to get out of your comfort zone and grow. I do hope you also use what God has given you to encourage others as well.

The Christmas season is in full swing with everyone hustling and bustling about shopping , baking and decorating . I am trying to purposefully make time to be still , read God's word and sketch . This sketch was done with a sharpened stick and ink and then a watercolor wash was added. 
In this last post of the year I thought I would share other Christmas sketches and Cards I have done over the years. If you haven't already given it a thought this is a great time to make next years Christmas card. 

 The Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center is always a delight to visit . I have played tourist the past few weeks with out of town company and have seen the lights of this years tree a few times . It always puts a smile on my face no matter if you see it during the day or at night.
                      Everywhere you look through out the city there are lights and decorations.
                               The  best light of the season is Jesus Christ , our living hope.
 May you and your family take time to be still and take in the wonder of Christmas as we celebrate Christ's birth of The light of the world .

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy . Matthew 2:10

Till next year " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side "   I do have a few spots open in the Maine workshop in July and will be teaching in Old Forge NY in August . I will let you know when those dates are firmed up as well as dates in Litchfield , CT. in the Spring. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fun with Stick , Ink and Watercolor

  Stick and Ink are becoming quite the thing , I am now seeing  many other artist using this technique in their online postings .
I first learned about stick and ink while studying the artwork of Edward Wesson an English painter  1910-1983. His work was introduced to me by  UK artist Steve Hall .  I don't believe in coincidences  so I am always grateful when God leads me to one thing which then leads to another and another. I now have many books about Edward Wesson in my book collection and study them often . His watercolors  are fresh and transparent; and many of his works were in stick and ink with a watercolor wash.
      A simple old fashioned idea right ? a stick , who would have thought something so simple could be so much fun . It really has a way of freeing you to experiment and have fun with your drawings and color washes . It is not for the realist as you don't have the control over the stick and the amount of ink on it but if you want to have a fun afternoon head out and find some sticks , sharpen them with a razor blade or knife and dip them into permanent ink and go for it .

 Make sure your ink is really dry before adding your watercolor . I like to use DeAtramentis archive Ink
 I always blot my paper with a paper towel before adding color just to make sure it is dry as if it is wet , it  will  surely makes a mess.
Draw quickly as you will never get exact lines depending how you cut your stick . I just love the changing thicknesses of the lines as well as the texture you get sketching this way .

 I took some of the paintings that I have done in the past and  did 6"x8" sketches this week after the flowers bit the dust.
 I hope you have enjoyed seeing these and feel inspired to clean up your yard and get a stick collection of your own going.
                           If you don't know where to start , buy yourself a bouquet  of flowers
                                                         or use your old paintings
                                                     or sketches from your sketchbook
                                                                         Have Fun
                            Till next time " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side  "