Monday, July 10, 2017

Heading to Maine for Art Show and Workshop

Heading for Maine in a few days for an Art Show with Barbara Aras . If you are in Tenants Harbor please stop by The Blue Door Studio next to the Odd Fellows Hall  July 15-16

We have one spot left forThe Joy of Watercolor Workshop inTenants Harbor , Maine July 18-20 Please email me if you would like it or check out my website for more information.   

Till next time " Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side "

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tenants Harbor Watercolor Workshop 7/18-7/20

      I hope you can join me and fellow artist Barbara Aras for The Joy of Watercolor Workshop in beautiful Tenants Harbor , Maine . The class will be July 18-20 from 9:30-4  You can get more information on my website
      Here are a few pics from the area to get your creative juices going .   We are looking forward to doing lots of sketching and painting with you all . Weather permitting we are planning on painting outdoors.

This will be a small class with lots of personal attention enabling you to grow as an artist .

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions .  Looking forward to seeing some of you up in Maine with your " Brush Wet and your sketchbook by your side " LOL !

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fun sketching with an Accordion Sketchbook and upcoming Maine Workshop

            Hi , I have been playing tourist here in NYC  even though I live here , sometimes we get so involved in our daily life and commitments that we forget to look where God has placed us with fresh eyes . This weekend my husband and I played tourist and loved every minute of it .
           I brought along a new Pentalic Accordion sketchbook . It was my first time with an accordion type sketchbook and I loved working in it . Small, fits in my hand , in my purse , easy to use on the train and on the bus , it's still bumpy sketching but that is not the sketchbooks fault. Lol !

      Here are a few more pics from the bus and train , sketching to and fro over the weekend .

 Fun sketching weekend here in the city and a fun book to give a try when you get a chance.
     ON TO MAINE ....... Show in Tenants Harbor , Maine  July 15 ,16 2017   AND

    JOY OF WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP    July 18-20   For more information go to     I will look forward to meeting and working with some of you there. Till next time have a great day .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Painting , Sketching , Practicing and Upcoming Workshop in Tenants Harbor, Maine

  I just finished teaching a Joy of Watercolor Workshop  in Litchfield CT. We all had a great time  learning  how to improve our paintings using fun practices , a limited palette and even  experiment a bit with Yupo . Yupo is such fun to paint on  if you haven't tried it give it a go . FUN !

I have been painting, sketching and practicing as usual and am looking forward to painting outdoors in the coming months. Here are a few new paintings and recent sketches .

I am getting prepared for a show and workshop in Tenants Harbor Maine in July .  The workshop will be  July 18-20 , please check out my website for more information.

You all have a great day and don't forget to carve out your practice and painting time on your calendars.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painting in the Sunshine and Workshop in April

I was able to spend part of this winter in Sarasota , Florida this year . My husband loves the warm weather , me not so much but God did bless me with a good snow storm on our return so I wouldn't feel left out .
While in Sarasota I was able to witness a sailboat Regatta . It was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. I sketched my little heart out and took tons of pictures for reference , unfortunately it was way to windy for my easel. 
The day was such a blessing as I just decided to take a ride with my easel to a familiar spot that was on my " to paint " list . Imagine my surprise when I saw all the action involved in the race . What a glorious day . It goes to show you that you need to " continue to keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side " as you never know what might catch your eye. 

 I have a Joy of Watercolor Workshop scheduled for April 12-13 in Litchfield CT. If you are interested in attending please email me or go to my web site for more information.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas Card Inspiration in January ?

     This is a first , I know , two blog posts so close together but I got inspired by the snow so thought I would pass this thought along to all of you .
      I am still rejoicing in Christmas joy and thought about what to paint and decided on a Christmas card.  I know it is January but why not ? You can paint from memory or your photos if you have already taken down your Christmas decorations and don't forget you could illustrate your Christmas menu or cookie ideas . Just a thought to share .
      I hope this idea works for you and if not make a date for yourself right now , yup ink a date on your new 2017 calendar for a day in December when you are decorated once again and make your 2018 card. Whether you paint or not I hope you have a joy filled day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Joy of Inspiration

        It is 2017 already , Where did the time go ?  If you are like me life happens and we all get busy doing "good busy things".  I am grateful for my family and for all the opportunities God has placed  in my path , now the question is How do I get my creative life back onto my priority list ?  Not that it ever left but fell way down on the priority list as it should be for me .
        Here are some things I am doing and have done to get my creative juices  flowing . I hope you find them helpful .

       I am using a Stillman & Birn  Alpha soft covered sketchbook lately after a recommendation from Liz Steel . I love it , it is light and good quality paper for pen and ink sketches and light watercolor washes . I like the 8x10 size as well as the smaller 8x5 as it fits in my city backpack.   I am calling these books " My Workbook Sketchbook " leaving my Canson Montval Sketchbooks for traveling .

     Keeping your sketchbook readily available will make using it easier . I use mine as a journal and try to put something in it everyday , did you notice the word try ?  I don't beat myself up if I don't get to it.
     If I have not planned painting time at your easel and don't know how to get started, I love ,
 You Tube segments. there are so many free artist demo's online to inspire you . I find if I watch a few I am ready to jump into doing my own art .  Search artist you like by name or ask " How to paint skies in Watercolor "as see what comes up .

    I love going through the art books I have from John Sargent to John Yardley and many in between. I copy the paintings I like with a note @ Charles Sovek for example  , taking  notes and keep them in a practice box so I can refer back to them. How did they do that ? Can I make that color with my limited palette ? You will learn so much doing this and after one or two I find myself ready to make my own art.

   I love doing Robert Wade's postcard size practices .  I  teach these during class , so much fun to do and learn from . They are on his dvd Wade's Watercolor Wisdom.

  Craftsy online is a wonderful place to take reasonable priced classes .Craftsy  The classes once purchased can be watched on an iPad and are yours to view over and over .

   I also love Drawing Tip Tuesday by Koosje Koene on You Tube , fun tips and inspiration for sketching and making art . Draw Tip Tuesday

 How did I originally get into the sketching habit  ? Sketchbook Skool  , a fun online site for inspiring sketching classes .Sketchbook Skool

I also use google images a lot. Google ImagesThere are tons of artist reference photos available especially if you have been to a place before to paint from. I also like their clip art to make cards.

Well, I ran out of space so I will leave this here and will get back to you when other things come to my mind to help you . Please feel free to email me or FaceTime me with any questions .