Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gloucester Harbor 2

Gloucester Harbor , Massachusetts

    This was the second plein air I did at Gloucester Harbor. Gloucester is a wonderful working harbor with lots of activity . Boats coming and going, sea gulls trying to get a bite while the boats are being unloaded. It is a very exciting place to paint. While simplifying your subject only put in what draws you and what you think will help to make a pleasing painting. Speed is also of the essence when you are trying to paint outdoors. You only have about an hour before the light changes so decide on a plan and go for it. I do find plein air paintings have a spontaneity about them that is hard to capture once you do another one from your study in your studio. 
     This watercolor is 10x13 unframed and painted on Arches watercolor paper. You can purchase it by going on to or emailing me. Have a wonderful day and remember to decide on a plan and go for it . You will be glad you did. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gloucester Harbor 1

Gloucester  Harbor   Massachusetts

        Gloucester Harbor is one of my favorite places to paint. I was blessed with two beautiful plein air painting days there this summer. While painting in plein air you really need to simplify your surroundings and enjoy the process. My focus is to paint an impression of my time there. Yes, you need to embrace the wind, sounds, smells, weather, bugs, onlookers who have lots of questions as part of the process. Enjoy every minute of it. I had a wonderful time there and will post all I did in the up coming days. Enjoy and Simplify.
         This watercolor was painted on Arches watercolor paper and is 10x13 unframed . You can purchase it by either emailing me or going to