Thursday, November 6, 2014

Robin Hoods Bay ,UK The Excitement of Plein Air

      Here we are again back to plein air , this was one of my favorite places we painted on your plein air journey in the UK , way up in North Yorkshire . A beautiful little village right on the sea.
      Once again this was a race against the tide coming in. When working outside you really need to focus and leave the outside world out there. Forget about the people watching you , this noise, the bugs,wind, ect. and focus on what you want to say.
        Lay down your strokes quickly and stop. Stopping is a huge problem for painters whether inside or outdoors, we all have a noodling disease , am I right ? Haha ! I can hear you laughing as you know I am correct.  We like to fiddle with our paintings when we need to stop way before we think we should and call it done and do another and another rather than playing and picking...I hope you enjoy my plein air sketch from Robin Hoods Bay . It is part of my collection but I do hope to do a larger version as soon as I am able. I am teaching a workshop this weekend so hopefully next week. Till next time , Enjoy !


  1. Reminds me of Edward Seago, I love his work. Simple and powerful, in which you have achieved in this lovely painting.

    1. Thank you Joan for your kind words , I love Edward Seago's work as well and am touched that my painting would remind you of his.