Monday, November 10, 2014

Workshop in Waterbury ,CT and Studio Space

      I had a wonderful opportunity this weekend to teach a fun group of ladies in Waterbury, CT.  I am always excited to share my love of watercolor with those around me . We worked on paint handling and learned about the many ways of approaching watercolor wet into wet, wet on dry  , dry brush . water to pigment ratio  and so on while doing little practice exercises and also talking about sound principles of painting like value, color, focal point and design.  They also  prepared a fabulous lunch , it was an enjoyable day for all .  Here is a pic of the group unfortunately one of the gals had to leave before I remembered to take out my camera.

One of the things we talked about over lunch was how hard it was to find time in our day to practice. Yup ! We all have the same disease and we all agreed we needed to schedule time in our schedules to practice just like any other appointment. We will make time in life for things that are important to us, right ? We also talked about studio space as some of the gals are in the process of finding a spot in their house to call their painting area.  Below is a pic of my painting area when I am in NYC , a corner of our living room where my easel is set up all the time when I am not using it to paint in the street. 

Plan, Place and Practice, Paint and then Paint some more..... Till next time.


  1. Diane, do hope you get to enjoy the N.Y.C. Thanksgiving parade. I love the idea of setting a neat space in your living room. I think it's great. You are so right about making time for our art it is so very important that artist paint.


  2. Thanks Joan , yes a wonderful Thanksgiving for sure. I definitely paint more when everything is set up and ready to go , including my plein air kit and small watercolor sketchbook kit that I can grab at a moments notice. Think it's time to add a pair of fingerless gloves, yes ?