Thursday, October 30, 2014

Full Sheet from Plein Air Painting in Long Beach, Washington

Oh, the excitement of plein air. There is a spontaneity that is hard to duplicate in the studio, however using your plein air sketches, helps you to recall and remember the sights, sounds and smells that a photo just can't. Whether you do a painting from memory ( which is a great exercise in itself ) or from your sketches your paintings will come alive and fresher the more you paint and practice. Your  head knowledge will eventually flow to your heart and out your hand. John Calvin said that about faith but it works in painting as well.

This full sheet watercolor was done from my watercolor sketch. I loved doing it and trying out my new large mop brush. It is just perfect for a full sheet watercolor. This 22"x30" is available , please contact me if you are interested. 
I also want to let you know that I am now teaching so if any of you would like me to come to your group and share what I have learned over the years  let me know. Enjoy this beautiful day !

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