Thursday, October 23, 2014

Long Beach , Washington

    A friend of mine wanted to know where the plein air sketches I showed you last time were from, Whoops ! my mistake , goes to show you how slow re entering back into the real world can be, Haha! The sketches were from Whitby , a town I visited in the UK while enrolled in my courses.

    Today I will start you on my plein air journey through my travels this summer. The first stop is Ocean Park ,Washington. One thing I love about painting on location is you just take everything in and always remember it long after you are gone. The sights, sounds , smells. This was done at the end of the beach. We were driven out in a jeep with instructions to set up and get painting . We had until the water reached a certain rock then had to head back as the tide was coming in. What a rush of excitement that was painting as quickly as I  could , getting as many quick paintings done before we had to leave this magnificent spot. Here is one of my 11" x1 5 " paintings of this area which I later turned into a full sheet 22"x 30 " when I returned home .( YEAH ! my first full sheet painting )
I hope you enjoy seeing this plein air painting and are inspired to paint outdoors yourself one day.

Here is a the 22"x30 " I did from this when I returned home. This full sheet watercolor is available. If you are interested in it please contact me. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful gray day. We all need gray days , it makes the colors pop our even more, right ?

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