Monday, April 29, 2013

Somerville Sticks Continue With " On Lexington "

Well my love and attraction sketching with a sharpened stick , ink and watercolor continues . This sketch will be going up for auction at

I hope you are enjoying these sketches as much as I am enjoying doing them and remember if you do give it a try please send me a pic.


  1. Love this one Diane. You give us the feel of The City. So spontaneous and with just the right touch of hustle and bustle.

  2. Thanks Karen, so glad you like this. I loved sketching it . We are compliments of each other , you and I, my work my work is full of bright color and hustle and bustle and yours has a wonderful sense of quiet reflection about it. Just what we need a titch of each in our day. Loved your Twilight pastel.