Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Simplicity In The Country

      This is the day the Lord has made ; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24
Happy Easter , I am grateful to have been able to spend some time in the country ( and city ) these last two weeks teaching and taking time to reflect on what the Lord is telling and teaching me.  I hope you have all been able to take some time away from your busy lives to do the same. 
 Since I am trying to simplify busy scenes, my life, and watercolor lessons for those wanting to try it out here is a good lesson ,  
to simplify your  sketches and paintings try using only three colors. there are really only three colors  , red, yellow and blue and learn to train yourselves to make the colors you need. You will be amazed how many colors you can get so easily and when painting out in Plein Air how much lighter your bag will be. 
I use Da Vinci tube watercolors , here are your tube colors if you want to give it a go ! Aureolin, Permanent rose and  Cobalt blue.

This watercolor says country to me. I sure hope you enjoy it and give watercolor a try. If you have any questions about how you can get started just drop me a note. This watercolor is 8"x10 1/2 " and is available for $100


  1. I love the simplicity! As I am trying to get into watercolor, I sometimes struggle with having 20 to choose from... But mixing is great, and this painting is fabulous!

  2. Thanks Fox, if you try the three color palette you will have to let me know how it works for you . Love your illustrations.

  3. the design you have created with cow patterns is great! and I'm glad to be reminded of the primary palette. I've been thinking to randomly pick a r,y,b palette for my next. Love the cows!

  4. Hi Mary , Thanks. I am out of town and just saw your comment. I loved doing this one and the challenge for me was getting the cows to say cow as I was just painting shapes. Good to hear it worked. I look forward to hearing how you like just using three colors or say a warm and cool of each red, yellow and blue. Enjoy your painting time !

  5. I really appreciate all your artwork. Your comments above reminded me of this song I recorded at home [please forgive its primitivity]


    Bill Canonico

  6. Thanks so much Bill and I especially enjoyed listening to your recording. Thanks for sharing it.