Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rockport in Plein Air Continues

My first plein air adventure in a long time continues with this painting. I am practicing my new computer skills as well as photograph, load, crop edges, resize image and get my pic from camera to Adobe photoshop Elements 10 and then to my blog. Whew ! I am tired already. I am sure it will get faster the more I do it. Hmmm, just like painting PRACTICE Is The Word Of The Day. The more you try the better they will be. I have learned I can learn as much from a small painting as struggling with a big one so my goal is always 3 small ones when I am out on an adventure. Hey, if it doesn't work the first time let the paper dry and turn it over and do it a second time. That is the beauty of watercolor. I hope you enjoy this little plein air painting . These little studies are indeed my impressions of a wonderful day. If you are interested in this little painting please email me. Have a wonderful PRACTICE day and don't forget to SIMPLIFY.


  1. This is so beautiful! I also looked around your daily paintworks! Truly fabulous! I too love playing with the camera a little.I have not figured out photo shop yet, but maybe with practice I can do it! Practice a great word for the day!!! Thank you for your precious comments on my blog! Love love love R

  2. Thanks Ruthie, I appreciate you taking the time to look and for your encouraging words. I always look forward to your blog and the simply way you express God's word in action in our daily lives. Thank you !