Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting and Resting

What a wonderful Spring break it was. We were blessed with wonderful weather and I am so grateful that my two day workshop was a success.
Now as fellow artist Dreama Tolle Perry says ," Now for some shameless self promotion "..via a student this past week, " I feel like a Master Card Commercial...What I got from our 2 days is priceless ! " I am so excited she is excited about watercolor painting and I look forward to teaching more this summer.
I will now be available for private and semi private lessons. Just email me. Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon and in the meantime keep sketching and filling up your watercolor sketchbooks.

Plein Air In Vence

This watercolor painting is available at Daily Paintworks Auction


  1. Susan in The WoodlandsMarch 27, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Love this painting! Do you have a summer schedule available? Are classes in CT? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Susan. I think for right now I will most likely be teaching a week long 9-12 class for beginners ages 14+ at the Litchfield Community Center in Litchfield CT. and continue with private classes to get my feet wet and teaching experience under my belt. I appreciate your interest. Thanks

  3. I'm sure you going to be a HUGE success! You GO Diane! I love this watercolor of the artist, too. Good luck at Litchfield!

  4. To everyone following out there, if you are thinking of painting with Diane JUST DO IT! You will love it! Her teaching ability rates an A+ The 2 days flew by and I am full of excitement as I continue on my journey .
    These words are brought to you by the grateful student who had that priceless experience

  5. A heartfelt thank you to my cheering squad.

  6. Susan in The WoodlandsMarch 28, 2012 at 12:27 PM

    I must add that my husband LOVED "In a Row"! He hung it immediately--no nagging required--and comments on it often. So thanks again for the special effort to get it here for his birthday.

  7. I would love to take classes from you and just know you would be fabulous!! Love your paintings and this is just a special one. Go Get Em Diane!!

  8. Diane, I love your work. It's truly Brilliant.