Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sketching in Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde Maine

I have been traveling with my sketchbook by my side , full of joy and excitement ; this time to Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde  , Maine . Sketching on location is  exciting and thrilling . A good way to explore  an area and come home with a book full of memories that photos and post cards can't come close to .

        I did these quick sketches using a Canson Montvale field sketchbook  7x10  , a ultra fine Sharpie marker and a small limited watercolor palette , sometimes a water brush  and other times a small travel round brush.  Keep your supplies limited and light .  I did this sketch very quickly while my husband was looking at a map  to our next location. The watercolor wash was done later while back at our hotel. Quick, quick and quick , just getting the essence and sense of place. This is Christmas Cove , ME

 This one was done at the Marshall Point Light House in Port Clyde , ME    The same process standing with my sketchbook on my arm and answering a few questions from onlookers. People will really be interested in what you are doing and I encourage them to give it a try every chance I get .

  One of the reasons I tend to sketch fairly quickly , ok very quickly is I am not usually on my own when doing this so I try to be respectful of those traveling with me . On your own you have more freedom to sketch at your own speed and be as detailed as you like. I happen to prefer quick sketching with just enough detail to say what I want .

I sketched this one of Tenants Harbor from our hotel window . Like Danny Gregory says " Art Before Breakfast " I actually did quite a few sketches before breakfast on this trip.

This one I drew as we were waiting for the full moon to arrive . It was a fabulous moon that night. 

I will leave you with this one of Port Clyde . My friend Barbara and I went sketching and then painted the afternoon away.  Next time I will share information on a show I am having with Barbara Aras in Tenants Harbor in July . Talk soon and I hope you are keeping a sketchbook of your own.

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