Wednesday, July 6, 2016

From Tenants Harbor to Boston my sketchbook goes

Getting ready for a show in Tenants Harbor July 16-17 but that hasn't stopped me from sketching along the way , Lol !  I  left after the Tenants Harbor preparations for a sketching workshop with  Shari Blaukopf  in Boston . I love sketching and painting with other artist and loved her class. Here are a few sketches I did from that workshop.

These are very fast sketches , I was focusing on the movement, color and busyness of the Farmers Market.

Fast and loose adding very little detail . This one was sketched in just a few minutes as we had a time limit.

Sketching quickly is a very useful tool when doing an urban scene,  there is so much going on so you want to just capture your impression of place . The watercolor washes were done afterwards.

This one was  done in bits and pieces  while waiting for class to begin. I focused on one person and moved to the next as people came and went.

Our first day was spent at a park in Newton , MA.

 It is always fun to be able to sketch or paint with other artists . I  love seeing everyones work  and it is always fun to see what each artist focuses on.  Next time I will post a few things about the upcoming show in Maine. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. 

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