Sunday, January 10, 2016

My New Timer and Workshop Announcements

Hi, hope you are sketching and painting away but if you still haven't gotten back into a routine I thought I would share one of my Christmas presents with you , a brand new timer.
      I know so many of us have trouble finding time to paint . I can only share what works for me and that is planning ahead . We all have time to do what we love or need to get done ,  to watch our favorite tv show , get a haircut , go to the dentist ,you know what I mean but when it comes to painting and sketching we tend to do it after all the other stuff is done and many times don't get to it at all. I am guilty of this all the time.
      I have found that planning to paint, sketch or have an artist date with myself  two to three times a week works pretty well most weeks and when it doesn't I don't beat myself up about it , life happens so I just know  God had a different plan for me that day.

I keep my sketching stuff handy and my easel always set up in the corner of my apartment as well as a  working sketchbook I can grab to try something out that comes to mind. On days when I have decided to paint . I do a few quick sketches to plan my composition, a value sketch and set my timer for say 30 or 60 minutes  when I am ready to paint and go for it.  ( This is doable for 1/8 to 1/4 sheet paintings ) With your painting planned ahead in your sketchbook you will know the clock is ticking so stick to your value sketch and get in and get out. The results will be fresher paintings with little fussing because you don't have time to fuss. Lol !  I hope this has encouraged you to set up a working area if you don't have one , get a sketchbook to keep near by .

Workshops ....

Steve Hall    He is a  UK watercolor artist who will be conducting a plein air watercolor  workshop in New York City  June 6-10 2016  If you are interested in attending please look at my website for additional information or email me directly at 

Diane Klock     The Joy of Watercolor Workshop    March 22 - 23 2016  Litchfield CT  Class will be held at the First Congregational Church of Litchfield me if interested  or look at my website
Come learn the joy of watercolor . We will paint with a simple palette , do lots of fun exercises while learning sound foundational principles of good painting and paint handling techniques. We will be painting from your photos and the exercises I will give you to do . We will also cover the importance of having and using a sketchbook . 

Diane Klock     Sketching on Location  Date to be announced...... Enjoy this wonderful day. See you next time.

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