Monday, March 9, 2015

Teaching moment ... Start to Finish New York City Street Scene

Hi there, I have been busy painting, sketching, teaching ,traveling and planning .
 I would like to encourage you today to do a painting from a photo or outdoors if you live where the weather is cooperating , easier said than done I know. Those of you that I have taught I would love to see you put together what you have learned and have practiced into a painting of your own. Below I will share  the 3 steps I used to do that during my practice session today. I hope you enjoy seeing it and if I can be of any help to you please don't hesitate to ask as my purpose for  this blog is to encourage you and help you grow on your  own artistic journey.  I will also be more than happy to help you via Skype , FaceTime or email.  Enjoy and I'll see you next time.

 1. This photo was taken with my phone.

2. A quick value sketch done with Copic markers of a light, mid and dark value. I like Copic markers because they have no odor. Block in the values , this should only take a few minutes.

3. I only use the photo as a reference then once I have done a value sketch and have an idea where I am going I start painting , usually putting the photograph away and using my sketch , my imagination and what I have learned from practicing sound principles. Ask yourself what does this painting need ?  If you need help with your painting look at it in a mirror as this will help you see with a fresh eye. Remember less is more so let the viewer into your painting and leave room for their imaginations to take over from there. 

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