Thursday, April 3, 2014

Walking around Stockholm # 3

        Hi , Spring is finally trying to make an entrance into NYC,  a slow entrance for sure . I am glad as I am looking forward to painting and sketching outside more this year.
          I am well into the online drawing class I told you about and am loving it. We are working with colored pencils right now and I feel like a little kid.
           The  other online class I am taking starts on  Friday for 6 weeks . It is called Sketchbook Skool   I am so excited about these classes. It is amazing what you can do online in your own home and how much inspiration you can find for your drawing and painting.   These classes also take me out of my comfort zone and help me to try new things. I love it ! I won't lie the hardest part is time management as we are all so busy and practicing takes lots of time which you already have found out .
         I hope you enjoy this next painting from Stockholm.
   The paintings in this series from Scandinavia are not yet for sale as I am still working but if you see any you would love to have just let me know and I will pencil your wish in and let you know when it would be available. See you next time !


  1. You always manage to distill complexity into an exciting, single statement. Another gem!

    1. Thanks Mary, I so appreciate your input. Hope you are gearing up for fly fishing season. I always look forward to seeing your fly fishing paintings.