Monday, April 21, 2014

AF Offshore Race in Stockholm

        How exciting is was to be in Stockholm during the AF Race . I feel in love with the excitement, the colors of all the flags and just plain boat stuff ( technical term , Ha ha ) . The race was an unplanned surprise to us during our visit but so much a part of my memory.
        I did sketches of these in my watercolor journal and took lots of pictures. I have to say I have more vivid memories from my sketchbook as you really tend to  remember everything when you are personally recording it.
       I hope you are continuing strong in your own race of sorts whether it is a commitment to draw more, sketch in your watercolor journal , paint in your favorite medium. I hope the discipline of practice has become part of your  journey and you are excited about your progress. Remember we are our own worst critic so look at your work tomorrow with fresh eyes.
      Please enjoy these two paintings also part of my Scandinavia series . They are not for sale yet but if you are interested I will surely hold them aside for you. Enjoy !

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