Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yosemite National Park

      Hi all, just back from my watercolor workshop. It was a wonderful and a fabulous refresher for me. I just love painting for a weekend with like minded artists. Love it ! Love it !
      This one was painted in a longer skinnier format that I usually paint in and with a 2" flat brush. It was fun once I got used to this huge brush. I threw out quite a few before this one. I am happy with it and am looking forward to continued " bonding with this 2"flat " It definitely helps one stay loose. 
        I am also trying to post from my iPad . A new adventure to say the least. Enjoy and I 'll see you back here next time.


  1. Hi, I did this post from my iPad . The format of this painting is longer and skinnier than I usually do and for some reason it has taken over my sidebar. If any of you have words of wisdom about this problem please let me know. It looked fine when I used the blogger app to make the post. Hmm !

  2. Diane, this is an amazing painting. I love it. I am also trying to learn to use a two inch brush and acrylics.

    1. Thanks Jerry, good to hear I am not alone working with this challenging brush. I hope to see some of your paintings soon and hope you are finding it easier than I am. I am trying to paint larger and do more plein air painting in watercolor this summer. Stay well.