Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gloucester Harbor 1

Gloucester  Harbor   Massachusetts

        Gloucester Harbor is one of my favorite places to paint. I was blessed with two beautiful plein air painting days there this summer. While painting in plein air you really need to simplify your surroundings and enjoy the process. My focus is to paint an impression of my time there. Yes, you need to embrace the wind, sounds, smells, weather, bugs, onlookers who have lots of questions as part of the process. Enjoy every minute of it. I had a wonderful time there and will post all I did in the up coming days. Enjoy and Simplify.
         This watercolor was painted on Arches watercolor paper and is 10x13 unframed . You can purchase it by either emailing me or going to www.dailypaintworks.com

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  1. Magic! Love this, beautifully done Diane! So many wonderful things to look at and my eye travels all over seeking them out. Love the strong diagonal on the right and the reflection of that green boat is gorgeous.