Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painting in the Sunshine and Workshop in April

I was able to spend part of this winter in Sarasota , Florida this year . My husband loves the warm weather , me not so much but God did bless me with a good snow storm on our return so I wouldn't feel left out .
While in Sarasota I was able to witness a sailboat Regatta . It was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. I sketched my little heart out and took tons of pictures for reference , unfortunately it was way to windy for my easel. 
The day was such a blessing as I just decided to take a ride with my easel to a familiar spot that was on my " to paint " list . Imagine my surprise when I saw all the action involved in the race . What a glorious day . It goes to show you that you need to " continue to keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side " as you never know what might catch your eye. 

 I have a Joy of Watercolor Workshop scheduled for April 12-13 in Litchfield CT. If you are interested in attending please email me or go to my web site for more information.

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