Monday, August 26, 2013

South Street Seaport with Urban Sketchers continues..

Hi , Today I will continue to show you all some of my watercolor sketches that were done over this past summer.  I have fallen in love with watercolor sketchbook journaling  because it is a perfect way to record  my travels with minimal supplies and can be done quickly without too much time away from  those you are traveling with.  Here are two pages from my sketchbook ; I was able to meet up with The Urban Sketchers of NYC one Saturday this summer as we painted at South Street Seaport. This is done in a Canson Watercolor  Sketchbook with an ultra fine Sharpie and some watercolor washes.

 I  hope you enjoy these and want you to know that I do hope to share my passion for not only watercolor painting but sketchbook journaling as well through this blog. They were all Created With Joy.


  1. You are incredible. Those are the only words I can use. I wait hungrily for each of your posts because your bold colors and minimal values and lines somehow capture your subject beautifully. Ms. Diane I love your work!!

  2. Fox,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I am loving your posts as well and seeing your journals. One of these days I will commission you to make one for me. Have a wonderful senior year, Wow ! where did that time go right ?