Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Concert On The Green

Hi, I am back and as I learn more technical stuff I hopefully will be posting more and more on a regular basis.
What I will miss the most about summer are the outdoor concerts on the green in Litchfield CT. It is so enjoyable to have supper on the green, watch the sun go down and listen to music and be quiet with your own thoughts as you watch those around you enjoying themselves as well.I hope you had a restful summer and those of you that are still without power due to Hurricane Irene, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know it has been quite a few days now and that has to be so hard.
I am planning on posting my watercolors from my trip to France real soon. I'll keep you posted. Hope you enjoy Concert On The Green .


  1. Diane, I love this! Colors are so rich and dreamy! I love a concert on the green. In Montgomery we have the symphony play in a gorgeous park and its called broadway under the stars. Such a fabulous night! This painting reminds me of that night. I love it! Beautiful!

  2. I love the fresh and easy feeling of this painting - your confidence with your brushwork is just beautiful! Really brings the afternoon alive!

  3. Thank you so much guys, you are both a great encouragement to me.