Tuesday, January 3, 2023

                                                             Shine Brightly In 2023   

Do you know what April Showers bring ? A May Workshop at The Landgrove Inn , Landgrove Vermont . I am excited to teach Watercolor  Keeping it Simple  May 22 through May 25 . I hope you can join me for this 4 day in person immersion workshop . You can find more information about it on my website .  


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Classes Coming Up in May and August

 It is already the end of April , I can hardly believe it . I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and brighter days ahead . We will all be happy to move on from our Covid +year .  I continue to spend time with The Lord and my paintbrush and have gone through so much paper and paint since my last post . 

  I am still involved in classes that have helped me so much on my art journey  and am looking forward to sharing my love of watercolor with you all as well . I need to get what I have done photographed so I can share it with you .              

I will once again be teaching at The View Art Center in Old Forge, NY on August 8 and 9 , 2021.  I will teach a Travel Sketching class on Monday and The Joy of Watercolor on Tuesday . 

Back via Zoom I will also be teaching a 4 week  Sketch Class and a Beginners class starting on Thursdays  May 20 through June 10     You can fine more information on my website www.Dianeklock.com

Friday, September 25, 2020

The Benefits of Covid , lots of time to practice and organize classes Two New Classes starting on October 15 - November 5

 Wow !  It's mid  September already ; the one benefit of  Covid has been quality practice and learning time for me . I feel like I am in Art School as I have been taking advantage of the many online classes available to grow in my own art journey. I hope you have also been able to have quality play time with your brushes and paint . 

Some of my latest adventures have been painting on Full sheets of 22x30 . It has been a real challenge but getting more rewarding with each one . 

 I taught a few live  Zoom classes myself and loved sharing my love of watercolor with all who attended so I am going to try two more starting on Thursday October 15 -November 5 . I am going to make it my Live Zoom Day 

  Beginning Watercolor  Thursdays October 15- November 5  from  10-11 am Eastern 

 Watercolor Travel Sketching  Thursdays October 15- November 5 from   1-2 pm Eastern 

You can email me for more information or go to my web site Dianeklock.com

" Keep your brush wet and your sketchbook by your side "

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Practicing , Painting , Planning and Zooming A Class 6/16 -7/21

Wow ! it has been a while hasn't it and so much has changed in our world. I have taken advantage of our quarantine time to Be Still from Psalm 46:10  to take a few intensive classes ( I actually feel like I am in Art School ) I have also spent time cleaning and organizing my studio , practicing, painting and planning.

 My husband and I have  been keeping in touch with friends via Zoom and I have taken a few classes that way as well . Since I had to cancel so many things I planned I have decided to teach a six week live Zoom Course . The Joy of Watercolor ,  we will cover many fundamentals to painting in watercolor while doing fun exercises. This is a perfect class for someone wanting to learn watercolor as well as an artist wanting to brush up and develop a habit of purposeful practice. You may find more information and sign up on my website www.Dianeklock.com You can find me on instagram at Dklo3

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Workshops for 2020 Tenants Harbor, ME , Old Forge NY, CT and NYC

Hi all , City Mouse here today sadly  realizing I have not had a post in a while . I have been using Instagram quite a bit which automatically goes to my Facebook Art Page but I have forgotten my regular Facebook page and blog, my bad.

I am planning ahead this year before life has a way of getting to my calendar . I have been traveling and of course sketching , practicing and painting my way through my adventures.  I have learned a lot  this past year through practice and various workshop adventures I have been on to further my art journey .

I now would love to share with you what has impacted my journey the most besides practice , practice , practice and hope you can join me in some of my workshops . Please check out my workshop schedule at www.Dianeklock.com     

Classes will cover Values, Shapes, Following the Bead , Pen and Wash , Sketching , Direct Painting as well as Wet into Wet  I will look forward to teaching all who are able to attend . Please feel free to email me for more information. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day .
Facebook  https://facebook.com/DianeKlockFineArt    If you are on Instagram you can fine me at Dklo3

Friday, October 4, 2019

Values , Shape and the Bead , Tenants Harbor Maine Workshop July 21-23, 2020

As October is upon us I am longing for cooler weather and applying all I have learned this year . I have been blessed not only to teach others but to attend a few workshops to help me grow in my own art walk .
Values, Values, Values a tool at the top of my list for this year and I will look forward to teaching and helping you as much as I can . Shapes and the bead , looking at shapes instead of things and following the paint water bead to make smoother washes have also helped me a lot and of course the most important thing has been Practice, Practice and Practice . I know life gets in the was but do try to sketch or do a small painting a day or a few a week . What you learn will be Priceless . 

These are quick pen and wash 9x12 sketches , guess where ? haha 

Here are a few value paintings and their color version 

I am excited to announce my  Joy of Sketching and Watercolor Workshop with Barbara Aras in Tenants Harbor , Maine  July 21-23 , 2020 You can sign up at my website or contact me if you are interested . The class will be limited to assure personal attention . 
Lastly I would like to share a pic of two notes I received recently , from two students . I was thrilled to see they are now making their own cards,  Edie and Joyce I am so proud of you . 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Adirondack Workshops August 5-6 and Values, Shapes and The Bead

 I am continuing my study of Values, Shapes and The Bead  ; things are coming along with practice.

   I  am forgetting a few steps here and there and have to have a few " do overs " . I also have post it  notes all over reminding me to take pics so I can share with you . What did we ever do before Post It Notes, Lol !


Here we go with painting from the value study .

I decided to try and frame my value study as I was really happy with how it came out and almost like them better than the paintings . Did I just say that ? Lol !

I hope you  have enjoyed seeing these and are motivated to give it a try . I know it will improve your work as it gives you a chance right away to see what is working and what needs to be changed. I had a wonderful time practicing and playing with my brush and have developed quite a love for value studies. 

I do have openings in my August workshop at The View Arts Center in Old Forge, NY .
 You can get more information and a link to sign up on my website. www.Dianeklock.com 
 I would love for you to join me  on Instagram @ Dklo3  or just look up DianeKlock